Rapid Biosensor for the Detection of Mycotoxin in Wheat

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MYCOHUNT on Horizon 2020 Website

The story on the MYCOHUNT project has been published on the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 website under the Projects stories section. To review the article please click on the following link:...

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The NUTRISTAT project

Real-time, in-site, N, P, K, pH and electrical conductivity soil-analysis system to facilitate accurate nutrient management The FP7 funded project NUTRISTAT ‘s objective is to provide crop producers a tool that helps them optimizing the fertilizer usage. The project is aiming at developing a real‐time soil analysis system, that could make measurements...

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Final meeting

The final meeting is organized in Athens on 26-27 August 2013, by SME-AG and Exploitation manager partner SEEDYZ.

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