Most mycotoxins are known to hazardously contaminate crops and consequently animal feeds and animal products, causing significant economic losses associated with their impact on animal and human health, animal productivity and domestic and international trade. While the economic effects are not easily calculated due to the several participants in the grain sector, European Union is setting stricter and stricter limits of mycotoxin concentrations. Deoxynivalenol also known as DON or vomitoxin is one of about 150 related compounds known as the trichothecenes that are formed by a number of species of Fusarium and some other fungi. It is nearly always formed before harvest when crops are invaded by certain species of Fusarium such as F. graminearum and F. culmorum.

The goal of the MYCOHUNT project would be twofold:

  • a new sampling technique guaranteeing a 90% bulk transparency,
  • a biosensor technology for the detection of deoxynivalenol.


 CONTRACT: 243633
 STARTED: 2010-09-01
 DURATION: 36 months
 STATUS: On-going