• To develop effective, non-destructive sampling apparatus in order to assure adequately representative measurement aiming at 90% correlation with the bulk samples.
  • To assess detection limit of 50 ppb, efficacy, specificity and sensitivity of the sensor
  • To develop a data evaluation algorithms and to set up correlation databases
  • To develop the ‘plug & play’ disposable cartridge to house the antibody-binding assay


  • The understanding and determination of parameters (temperature, pressure, vacuum, etc) affecting the sampling precision avoiding the damaging of grain.
  • To develop immobilising methods for sensitive antibodies, and assess different approaches to enhance sensitivity, reproducibility, life-time, detection range, detection limit, and/or other specifications.
  • The investigation of the cross-reactivity of other trichothecenes such as 3-acetyl-DON, 15-acetyl-DON, nivalenol, etc.


  • To realize a commercial price for the sensor while keeping the price of the whole apparatus low.


  • The development of training activities addressed to the SME members of the SME-AGs, first in pre-validation stage in order to ensure the understanding of the technology operation before the partners initiate the validation tasks.
  • Technology transfer will be carried out to present the project results.
  • To develop a sound dissemination plan to deliver at least 4 workshops, presenting the results of the project in European conferences and specialised magazines